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I would love to save up to pay for a few commissions from some other deviants.
I would also love to hold contests, and host point giveaways in the future

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FNAF Reboot - Freddy Fazbear Reboot Redesign by SteelMaiden
FNAF Reboot - Freddy Fazbear Reboot Redesign
FNAF: Reboot is an AU of Scott Cawthon's Five Nights at Freddy's Horror Survival game. It is set in modern times, where a naive entrepreneur decides to reboot the franchise, running it under the new name of  "Freddy's Diner & Arcade". Filling it with redesigned versions of the original animatronics, with some fresh faces thrown in, they hope to create "a magical place for children and adults alike"But it's only a matter of time before history starts to repeat itself... 

This is Freddy Fazbear's redesign for FNAF: Reboot. Like Chica's redesign, Freddy's is a mixture of both the toy and classic animatronic designs.

FNAF concept + Freddy (c) Scott Cawthon
Reboot design + Art (c) VioletHybrid
Reboot Concept (c) SteelMaiden & VioletHybrid
Ive lost access to the family's iPad because my younger sister has hoarded it and won't let anyone else use it.

So, until I get my own iPad, or until I get my laptop properly up and running, I will be a little less active than I usually am.

I will still be working on ideas and concepts for FNAF: Reboot.
I have finished our day shift worker's traditional design concept, and all that is left to do is do it up digitally.
Then I shall start work on our night guard's reference.

Thats all for now,
SteelMaiden aka Sarah
So, I have decided to make some characters for Steven Universe!
I have already chosen that I will make two Gemsonas, and a Fusion.

Below are the details of the two gemsonas.

About the crystal
Sodalite is a crystal that brings inner peace. 
It is a dark blue stone with white calcite streaks through it. Sodalite is also sometimes confused with Lapis Lazuli, as it also has specks of pyrite inside.
Sodalite is the stone of athletics, as it is used to stimulate endurance. It is said sodalite will harmonize the inner being or the conscious and subconscious mind. It also promotes peace and harmony, and is lucky for writers.

About the Gemsona
I have used the qualities of the sodalite crystal to work on the Gem's personality.
Sodalite has a rather calm demeanor. Even when she is feeling frazzled, she always puts on a brave face.
She seems to exude a calming aura, so when you are around her, you can't help but feel calm and relaxed.
Sodalite has a rather high level of endurance, and can keep going in battle without tiring for quite some time.
Her gem is an upside down teardrop shape just between the joining point of the lower rib cage.
Her weapon is a staff like object, with a decorative head (may or may not be able to produce a blade, I haven't decided yet)
Sodalite also likes to write in her spare time, and is quite an avid cook.

About the crystal
Ivory is a calcium consisting of both organic and mineral matter. The color is white, sometimes with shades of pink.
It stimulates the entire bone and skeletal structure, and promotes a healthy balance of red blood cells.
Ivory helps to exert inner discipline and mental control over the body, easing anger and frustration. It will bring forth the emotional qualities within ones self.

About the Gemsona
Ivory is very health conscious, and is big on people having a healthy diet with plenty of vitamins and minerals.
Her gem is a white oval located on the back of her neck, and it takes a fair bit of force to crack it.
Ivory is an excellent fighter, able to clearly concentrate on the battle, even with the fair share of distractions happening around her.
Her weapons are dual sickles.
She tends to focus on the task at hand in everyday life, but sometimes forgets about the other things, or even doesn't hear when people are talking to her, because she is so deep in concentration.
In her spare time, Ivory likes to go for strolls around the neighborhood.

so those are my two gemsonas! I am working on references of Sodalite right now, and have some ideas in mind for Ivory. Once the two are done, I will start working on their Fusion

<stay tuned for more!
SteelMaiden aka Sarah
Ive had at his thought for a while;

when you reach your goal in your point donation box, what happens?
Like, do you get a message from DeviantArt saying "Congratulations, you've reached your goal!" , or does nothing happen at all?

On another note, I'm 187:points: down on my goal, with 1,313:points: to go!
I've compiled all the art pieces I need to do, and put them into a list;

To-do list

- Lena Bloomix (I adopted an outfit design a while back and it's still sitting on my computer. I also had wings made for me as well, I just need to do them up digitally) (Might go through design changes on the outfit however)

- Lena Galactix stages 1,2 & 3 ( I have the wings for each stage, I just need to design outfits then draw them up)

- Alyssa Evans redesign reference (traditional concepts done, just need to digitize them)

- New character reference Ziras (traditional concept done, need to do digitally)

- FNAF: Reboot human character design references (1 out of three done traditionally, need to start on the others + digital)

- FNAF: Reboot "Freddy's Diner & Arcade" logo

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