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SteelMaiden has started a donation pool!
796 / 1,500
:bulletblue::bulletwhite::bulletblue: Point donations are always welcome :bulletblue::bulletwhite::bulletblue:

I would love to save up to pay for a few commissions from some other deviants.
I would also love to hold contests, and host point giveaways in the future

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Adoptable AUCTION ::SB 45 Points:: OPEN by SteelMaiden
Adoptable AUCTION ::SB 45 Points:: OPEN
Starting bid and Autobuy reduced!!

Here is yet another adoptable collaboration between myself and ncond3
This one will be done a little differently, keep reading to find out

Character Auction

You are bidding on the character pictured! I based her colour scheme on the Female Purple Crowned Fairy Wren.

Starting bid: 45 points
Minimum increase: 10 points
Autobuy: 475 points

Highest bidder: N/A

Mystery Adopt!

As you probably noticed, this character is pregnant!
If you win the auction, you may choose to select any one of these following options regarding the baby;

Option 1
You design your own additional character for the baby. This option will occur no additional points.

Option 2
You get a premade character from ncond3
They will come up with a brand new character for your baby, using their own design. This option will cost 30 points EXTRA

Option 3
You get a custom character from ncond3
You will work together with them to create a unique new character! Any features you want, tell them, and they will make that happen. This option will cost 50 points EXTRA

Or, you may choose the character not to have a baby at all

After the auction, if you decide to purchase any of the additional options regarding character creation, please discuss this with ncond3


- After you have won the auction, you may edit character design, but she still must be recognisable
- You can give her extra outfits
- Please give her a name, personality, etc

- Please credit both myself and ncond3 for the design the first time you draw her

- Do NOT use this design if you have not won the auction
- Do NOT resell her for more than you paid for her

Lines: ncond3
Colours: myself
I need a bit of help designing and redesigning some of Lena's Fairy Forms.

Here is a list of what I need

:bulletblue: Bloomix
I need a new Bloomix outfit for Lena!
For those who don't know, or for those who forgot, Lena likes to wear silver, white, and different shades of blue in her transformations.
I have a rough wing basis for her Bloomix, but it needs to be jazzed up a little. I absolutely love the shape though, so please keep the original shape~
Comm: Lena Bloomix Wings by DiamondSongBrony63
I'm imagining softer shapes for her Bloomix, no harsh, sharp edges.

:bulletblue: Believix
I need to redesign it all. Outfit, wings, hairstyle, the lot!
COM: Lena Believix by ashia2256
It looks severely outdated. The hairstyle is plain, the outfit is plain, and the wings now look odd. As with before, I would prefer a softer, more elegant design, but this time with a more modern element to it.

:bulletblue: Lovix and Sophix
I had a Lovix designed, but since I am getting the Belivix redesigned, The Lovix needs a new look too.
Lena has also never had a Sophix, so I definitely need one of them too.

:bulletblue: New Sirenix wings!
I'm not entirely satisfied with her Sirenix wings anymore. They have pinks in them and I'm not sure I want that anymore. As with her previous colour schemes,They need to fit in with her silver, blue and white colour schemes. I love the pattern of the leggings and the fins, hair, and arm ribbon on her current Sirenix, but I need to liven up the colour scheme

:bulletblue: Mythix
I have absolutely nothing for her Mythix at the moment. I am waiting on a commission of a mythix design, but I have a feeling it won't be done for a very long time, so I will most likely withdraw myself from the list.

:bulletblue: Butterflyix
I have nothing for her Butterflyix either, nor have I found any adoptables that really suit her.

:bulletblue::bulletblue: Payment and rewards :bulletblue::bulletblue:

I don't have many points to pay with at the moment, as I am trying to reach my point savings goal. however, when I reach my goal, I will happily pay you in points for your services!
I can also feature your art in a Journal of mine, as well as your username in a list of people who have helped out, in this journal below.

:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue: Helpers :bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue:
Hey everyone!
I thought I would post a journal on stuff that's been happening on the personal front.

First of all, I got my Provisional License! I can now drive by myself, without a supervisor, or without having to document the hours I drive. It gives me so much more freedom, being able to drive and not take public transport or walk.
Now I need to save up money and find a job, so I can buy a car and pay for its upkeep (petrol, rego, mechanic, etc)

My 21st birthday is also coming up within the next month! 26 days away to be precise, on the 9th of August.
I'm planning to go to a pancake parlor to celebrate with a group of friends a few days before, and maybe to a sushi place with a different group as well. As always, a event with the family is a must (Heres to hoping my little sister doesn't ruin it. She has a habit of insulting me and making me feel like crap on occasions that are supposed to be fun)

I'm secretly hoping my parents will buy me a car, but i highly doubt thats going to happen xD
But it would make my day to get some Birthday Wishes on the day~

Thats all for now!
Sarah aka SteelMaiden
Point adopt ::AUCTION:: CLOSED by SteelMaiden
Point adopt ::AUCTION:: CLOSED
I was given permission by ncond3 to line and colour a sketch they did, and either keep it or sell it.
So I decided to hold a point auction!

Starting bid: 35 points
Minimum increase: 5 points
Autobuy: 350 points (I can dream xD)
Auto bought by :iconfatal-wound:

- If bought, you may change the design a little bit, but it must still be recognisable!
- You may change gender
- You may give them an outfit/s
- Credit both ncond3 and myself for the design, at least the first time you draw your character

- Do NOT claim the design as your own!
- Do NOT use the character/design if you have not bought it!
- Do NOT resell the design for more than you boughr it (example; if you won the auction with an amount of 300 points, you can resell for 300 points or less)

Have fun, and happy bidding!

Original sketch: ncond3
Digital lineart and colour scheme: myself

((Sorry for the quality, I'm still trying to work out this art program. I used Art Studio Lite on the iPod))
Hello all, sorry for lack of updates!

Since I finally have access to the family's computer, I thought I would make an update journal;

Character redesigns
I have decided that I will redesign some of Lena's forms. I am no longer really liking her Bloomix design, so I will change that. I still love the wings that were designed for me, I just need to give them a bit of an edit colour wise, and add a little bit more detail.
I also think it is time for her Believix to get a redesign as well! I will also be redesigning her Lovix and Sophix eventually, to cater for the changes of her Believix.
I am happy with her MW, Enchantix, Harmonix, and Sirenix as of now. I am waiting on a Mythix commission to be started and finished, and will also be looking to get a Butterflyix done for her as well.

FNAF:Reboot updates
VioletHybrid and I have created our first brand new animatronic character! Although, we have decided not to post them until the references for Bonnie and Foxy have been done and dusted, and submitted.
I have been working on rough designs for the human characters, but am yet to start on their proper digital reference sheets.

Stay tuned for more!
Sarah aka SteelMaiden

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