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SteelMaiden has started a donation pool!
800 / 1,500
:bulletblue::bulletwhite::bulletblue: Point donations are always welcome :bulletblue::bulletwhite::bulletblue:

I would love to save up to pay for a few commissions from some other deviants.
I would also love to hold contests, and host point giveaways in the future

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I've figured out that if I gain at least 500 more points, I will have enough points to run the contests I have planned!
So, in order to reach this goal, I will probably be making some quick cheap point adoptable batches :)
Okay, it's that time once again, time for a promo journal!
This installment is dedicated to one of my real life friends, AlealiaKitsune

Check out their Fan-art pieces!
Levi 005 by AlealiaKitsune

Mature Content

Open Wound by AlealiaKitsune

Mega Charizard by AlealiaKitsune
Little Link by AlealiaKitsune
Withered Soul by AlealiaKitsune
Heichou by AlealiaKitsune

Photography time!
Squeak 023 by AlealiaKitsune
Biscuit 005 by AlealiaKitsune
Wildlife 026 by AlealiaKitsune
Macro Nature 024 by AlealiaKitsune
The Gorge 02 by AlealiaKitsune
The Valley 002 by AlealiaKitsune
Studio 009 by AlealiaKitsune

Their OC's are adorable;

Rock Pool Dreams by AlealiaKitsune

Come at me bro by AlealiaKitsune

(totallynotbiasedabouthimbeingmyfavorite ^^")
Calico's Transformation by AlealiaKitsune
(such a precious cinnamon roll~)

Alealia also has Paypal Commissions open!
Commission Information 2015What you need to know
If you don’t see what you want, ask!
All prices displayed are in Australian Dollars (AUD$), and that is the only currency I accept. I use PayPal only. All of my prices are base prices, cost of a piece may increase with complexity.
Please provide all references and as detailed a description as you need before I begin your piece. I am happy to provide a sketch for you to proof before I continue with your piece. Any changes made after the proof is approved may incur an additional fee.
I’m willing to try new things, just please respect my response if I feel uncomfortable with the subject, or know that I am not skilled in an area.
✓ Humans, animals, anthros, gore, nsfw
✗ Mecha, underage nsfw, beastiality
Feel free to message me at with any questions/enquiries!
What you need to do
If you’d like to discuss an idea, pop me an e-mail at
If you

I'm planning on saving up and ordering some commissions myself. You should seriously think about commissioning them, I can guarantee quality pieces!

Please give a thought to following AlealiaKitsune, and sending a commission their way!

That's all for now!
Sarah aka SteelMaiden
(First of all, I'm so sorry for this being late! I originally wanted to publish promo journals every Sunday, but I was so busy that I wasn't able to make one until now!)

This weeks promo journal is dedicated to one of my long time friends here on DA, Halo-Yokoshima

We started talking when I first ordered a commission from him aaaaages ago, and then we started RP'ing with some of our characters, and we soon became friends!

Halo-Yokoshima has several comics, some of which are still going.

Here are some of the comics, you should give them a read!;

XIII by Halo-Yokoshima
Cover Page

Halo;Combat Dissolved
H:CD - Cover Page by Halo-Yokoshima
Cover Page


Mature Content

Numb - 1 by Halo-Yokoshima

Page One
(Not a graphic novel for young kids)

Check out some of his Digital Art!
Is it My Turn to Die...? by Halo-Yokoshima
This is not your grave... by Halo-Yokoshima
It is done by Halo-Yokoshima
Saiviour... or Destroyer... by Halo-Yokoshima
Indestructable by Halo-Yokoshima

Master Chief dog and Cortana Cat? I think yes :D
Don't worry... I got you... by Halo-Yokoshima
Peanut Butter by Halo-Yokoshima

I'm also quite a big fan of some of his characters;

Captain Duke L. Williams
Let's Finish This! by Halo-Yokoshima
Ten, Captain Duke L. Williams by Halo-Yokoshima
No longer dead... by Halo-Yokoshima
When the time comes... by Halo-Yokoshima
A rose for a lady... by Halo-Yokoshima

Aidas Sha'ar by Halo-Yokoshima
Blood Thirsty Beast by Halo-Yokoshima
More huggles for Aidas by Halo-Yokoshima
Trust by Halo-Yokoshima

Coffee High by Halo-Yokoshima
Anger is what fuels me... by Halo-Yokoshima
Eve by Halo-Yokoshima
Enraged by Halo-Yokoshima

One, De'Claire by Halo-Yokoshima
Mistress of Vengance by Halo-Yokoshima

Mature Content

De'Claire's Rampancy by Halo-Yokoshima

De'Claire by Halo-Yokoshima

As said before, Halo-Yokoshima is one of my good friends here on DA, his art is amazing, and you should definitely go give him a follow, and check out his comics!

That's all for now!
Sarah aka SteelMaiden
(P.S. I'll try to get a promo journal done each week, if I find the time ^^)
Starting bid has been reduced to 30:points:

Hello everyone!

I'm just posting a quick journal to advertise an adopt I've had open for quite some time.

Her starting bid is only 40:points: and no-one has made an offer so far.
There is the option of an added mystery adopt if you so choose the additional cost, otherwise you can bid on just the base character, or even autobuy her.

Adoptable AUCTION ::SB 30 Points:: OPEN by SteelMaiden
This is her! Take a look and see if you like her~

Thanks for reading!
Sarah aka SteelMaiden
This weeks Promo Journal; and the very first Promo Journal; is dedicated to the user KaoHatake!

I recently started talking to KaoHatake after she volunteered to help me redesign a few of Lena's Fairy Forms.
Of course, being the curious person I am, I browsed through her gallery to check out her artwork, because who doesn't like browsing through the works of a deviant new to them?

She does some really awesome work!

Check out some of the wings she has done!
Contest Prize - Emily Enchantix Wings by KaoHatake
Commission - Coral Bloomix Wings by KaoHatake
Contest Prize - Siria Harmonix Wings by KaoHatake
Surprise Gift - Destra Butterflix Wings by KaoHatake
Request - Enchantix Wings by KaoHatake
Art Trade - Liria Mythix Wings by KaoHatake
Request - Artemis Winx Wings by KaoHatake

Her Ballgown artworks are simply stunning~
Dree by KaoHatake
Commission - Starla Formal by KaoHatake
Art Trade - Liria Princess by KaoHatake

Check out some of her full pieces!
Laugh by KaoHatake
Contest Entry - Fairy Cosplay by KaoHatake
Art Trade - Liria Mermaid by KaoHatake
Mara Mermaid by KaoHatake

And her character Seina is so adorable, I love her to bits~
Let's Dance by KaoHatake
Seina - Winx by KaoHatake
Seina - Enchantix by KaoHatake
Seina - Believix by KaoHatake
Seina Tynix by KaoHatake

She also did an amazing job on the forms she helped me design/redesign, and also got me into using a new colour scheme in Lena's transformations~

Lena's new Believix
Request - Lena Believix by KaoHatake Request - Lena Believix Wings by KaoHatake

Lena's new Sirenix wings
Request - Lena Sirenix Wings by KaoHatake

And the addition of Lena's Tynix!
Request - Lena Tynix by KaoHatake Request - Lena Tynix Wings by KaoHatake

You should definitely go over to KaoHatake's account, and favorite her work, and give her a watch! She is a wonderful person, and I am glad I started talking with her~

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